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Our Story

Locally-Owned and Family-Operated

With 15 years of combined experience in property care and rental management, Dan and Rachel founded MVP upon tried and true strategies. Starting at a young age, Dan’s knack for the business started from cleaning his local church, and has grown to owning businesses focused on property restoration, reparation, and artisan woodwork. As the eldest of three girls, Rachel is a natural leader and mediator. Her interpersonal and leadership skills have led to a successful professional career in multiple fields of business – ranging from secretary work to rental property management. During their time working at vacation rental company, Dan lead the maintenance department and Rachel was an intermediary between renters and owners. Under their leadership and hands-on effort, the company’s portfolio grew from forty to one hundred properties in just three years. While nurturing the homes of countless satisfied clients, Dan and Rachel also managed to build a life of their own. Over the course of 29 years of marriage, they have raised four children and are expecting their first grandchild in the new year. Today, they reside in the Sun Valley area, surrounded by their family, friends, and, of course, the unmatched beauty of Idaho.

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